Lifepod is a prefabricated small home that can be adapted to suit any site or brief. It combines the portability of a caravan and the ability to be completely off-grid, with the liveability of a stylish studio apartment.

Created by Nicci, a designer of over 15yrs experience with reputation for innovation, Lifepod is a truly unique contemporary solution to small space living. Based on extensive research, Lifepod embraces the opportunities that new technologies present, each element included only if it contributes to the end goals of viability, efficiency, versatility and liveability.

Lifepod not only makes small space living possible but also desirable.


Designed to be transported by land or Air

Off the grid

Self sufficient with off the grid power storage, water storage and waste systems

Emergency Housing

Ideal for emergency and crisis housing


Perfect work from home workspace

Get back to nature

Live where you want in style


Affordable entry into housing market that can move with you

The revolution in small house design has begun

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Lifepod not only makes small space

living possible but also desirable.